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Table Mountain Kidz Season Special

You aren’t too late to take advantage of the Table Mountain Cableway Kidz Season special this winter!

(Updated for 2019)

We treated our kids to their first-ever trip up to Cape Town’s most beloved icon. Our adventure was especially sweet as we made use of the fantastic winter Cableway Kidz Season special. The outing was an absolute winner and so was the price!

Hubby and I hadn’t been up in years and we loved doing it again. It was delightful to witness the awe on 3 little faces as they enjoyed their ride to the top only to find themselves more mesmerised by the beauty of the mountain and those world-famous sweeping views below.

Table Mountain New 7 WondersThe cableway has transported 28 million people to the summit. It operates with Rotair cablecars which have revolving floors ensuring all passengers and potentially squabbling siblings have a chance to enjoy all view aspects.

We managed to pick a splendidly clear and sunny morning to explore this official New World Wonder of Nature that’s right on our doorstep and so rich in flora and fauna. It’s an icon that Capetonians are a little obsessive over and quite rightly so.

Table Mountain Cableway generally hosts a winter special creating outstanding value for families.

The Special Rate

For every Table Mountain Cableway Kidz Season return ticket of R290 purchased, 2 kids (ages 4 to 17) travel free with 1 adult! One adult and 2 kids would usually cost R660!

This deal definitely qualifies for One Stop Wanderlust’s #bigfamilystar stamp of approval as a winning option for families of more than 4. Generally, specials grant discounts of only 1 child per 1 adult.

The Details

Table Mountain Cableway Kidz Season BrochureThe Kidz Season Cableway Table Mountain special is valid for South African citizens only (SA ID required) from now up until 30 September 2019. It excludes the dates of 8 July to 18 August when the cableway is closed for routine annual maintenance. Tickets are valid for 7 days from your selected date which is great if the weather lets you down on your chosen day.

I recommend you book online via Web Tickets to avoid the ticket office queue but if you are out and choose an impromptu visit, there is convenient complimentary WiFi access around the Lower Cableway Station area where you can take a seat and book online. You can then still skip the ticket office queue and proceed to the embarkation queue.

Bonus Extras

The kids receive a colourful brochure with a treasure hunt map and a couple of vouchers to claim little freebies at the Shop at the Top and the Café. Pick up your brochure in the embarkation queue along with a useful information guide. Older children or adults may enjoy the option of the free Audio Tour.

The vouchers are a welcome bonus because kids get to walk out the souvenir shop with something tiny in their hands which helps avoid whining and exhausting lengthy negotiations about why you’ve vetoed the purchase of the 356th dust collecting stuffed animal.

Once you’ve walked around the mountain, taken countless photos, kept your 6-year-old twin boys from climbing all the safety railings or jumping off high rocks like wild mountain goats and also taken the requested array of posed photos for your 9-year-old daughter, you may well need some refreshment.

The restaurant serves everything from tiny snacks to full hot meals. Kids can enjoy a Dassie Meal for R55 which includes a slice of pizza, a fruit juice and a dried fruit roll.

Table Mountain DassiesOther trip highlights for my kids included excitement and joy of spotting the quirky and adorable dassies. We also enjoyed spotting all the sunbathing lizards. We’re huge animal lovers. On the topic of animals, I randomly recall (parenting causes random brain activity) raising an eyebrow on overhearing my husband ask one of our twins to refrain from licking a safety railing. Conversations you’d never imagined having prior to kids. Anyway, whatever!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this deal for a wonderful few hours of fresh air and feeling quite literally on top of the world.

My Top Tips

  • Check the weather ahead of time before booking on on Table Mountain’s website homepage by clicking on the weather widget.
  • Book online. Still go early in the morning, less crowded.
  • Take warm clothes, it gets windy at the top and the weather can change quickly.
  • Parking before and after the Cableway Station is free but chaotic so consider parking in the parking lot at the bottom of Tafelberg Road and take a free MyCiTi shuttle to the cableway station that departs every 30 minutes.

For more information click on or call visitor information on 021 424 8181. Alternatively connect with them via Facebook on TableMountainCa or Twitter on TableMountainCa

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