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How Antioxidants Help Your Family

Hands up if your kid’s dinner plate resembles a rainbow of colourful nutrient rich veggies every single night? Oh and wait…on top of that they actually eat them all, and all the fruit you offer them? Hmmm, I thought not. No judging, it’s no different in my house. It is what it is!

Creating healthy, balanced, creative and budget friendly daily dinners and lunchboxes is quite frankly a massive headache in my life. Secondly, keeping up with each child’s preferences is another headache. In fairness my lot aren’t too fussy but I can never remember who hates avo unless it’s mashed, who doesn’t like almonds and who gags over their broccoli!

How can you give these busy little bodies the holistic boost they need? A few months ago I was introduced to Procydin and I’ve had the whole family taking it. Procydin Junior is an antioxidant for kids from the Value Added Life group of wellness products.

I have to admit that as a busy mom, my eating habits during the day can also lack in adult choices as I run around gnawing on a processed rusk for breakfast whilst barking at the kids to get into the car for school! How can mom and dad also stay on top of their A-game looking after the family? There is an adult Procydin too!

Before we shoot to what Procydin can do for you, let’s backtrack quickly and explain this buzzword “antioxidant”. In child-like terms antioxidants prevent “rust” in the body. In adult terms, they’re compounds found in food that delay or stop cell damage. They clean up the free radicals which cause the trouble. Getting enough of the right nutrient dense or quality of food is the challenge.

Procydin Junior

This comes as a bottle of delicious chewable purple gummy bears containing pure grape-seed extract. Dish out in the morning with brekkie and the kids think they’re getting a treat!

Procydin Junior Antioxidants


  • Boosts immune system
  • Encourages healthy sleep patterns
  • Mood and concentration enhancer
  • Assists in reducing ADD symptoms
  • Delivers nutrients to the brain which are helpful in treating ADD, incl. zinc, manganese and selenium

Approximately R84.30 online for 30 or buy from your local pharmacy.


The adult version is also jam packed with powerful grape seed-extract.

Procydin antioxidant


  • Protects cells against free radical damage (oxidation)
  • Improves blood circulation disorders
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Protects against cardiovascular disease
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties, can help ease arthritis pain
  • Helps normalise blood pressure
  • Assists in controlling blood cholesterol

Approximately R120.95 online for 60 capsules or buy from your local pharmacy.

But wait, here’s one more product to try:

If you like Procydin consider trying one of the many other Value Added Life products such as Prozen.



This is a nutritional supplement in the form of capsules containing Suntheanine which helps ease symptoms of stress and anxiety. Plenty of that this time of year!


  • Promotes relaxation without drowsiness
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Assists in alleviating stress and insomnia
  • Assists in relieving PMS symptoms
  • Not habit forming
  • No prescription needed

Approximately R127.60 – R199.20 online or buy from your local pharmacy.

With all the end of year craziness starting, now is a great time to start getting your family’s bodies fighting fit to keep up with all the endless events at school and work, for exams and for fun-filled holiday activities too. Get yours today!

Have you tried Procydin or Prozen or any of the other Value Added Life products?

Branded images credited to Value Added Life.

This is a sponsored post.

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    • Julie

      Hi Simphiwe. Procydin is a great supplement to boost overall immunity and wellness so it wouldn’t hurt to take but always seek advice from your pharmacist and dr 🙂

      • Julie

        Hi Lindy. It would be best to check with your pharmacist for those specific reasons. The Procydin supplier, Value Added Life, does also sell a product called Prozen though which more specifically assists with anxiety.

  • Ntombizandile zani

    I am also using procydin every morning and I am in the treatment of cholesterol an BP. But my broblem is I have a problem of back ache just need to now with brand of procydin I can use

  • Ntombizandile zani

    I am also using procydin every morning and I am in the treatment of cholesterol an BP. But my broblem is I have a problem of back ache just need to now with brand of procydin I can use

    • Julie

      Hi there. My experience with Procydin was more general as an all round antioxidant to give to the family. The product does contain anti-inflammatory properties but it’s not intended for direct pain relief. It’s best to consult your pharmacist or Dr for help specifically for back ache. All the best! 🙂

      • Drew

        Good day

        I would like to here if a person can drink this with your eltroxin (under active thyroid) medication and will it help anti inflammatory in the chest bone/cartridge area?


        • Julie

          Hi Drew. Procydin does contain anti-inflammatory properties but how it works and what you may take it in conjunction with ie. eltroxin, is best to establish with your pharmacist or Dr. Thank you 🙂

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