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  • Lockdown activities for kids
    Tips & Bits

    Free Online Lockdown Links for Kids

    Parents very enthusiastically posted a gazillion links and activity ideas at the beginning of lockdown here in South Africa. Many companies have generously come to the party with free access to usually paid-for content. I mostly scrolled on by as…

  • Quick Healthy Lunchbox Ideas
    Tips & Bits

    3 Quick Lunchbox Recipe Ideas

    New school year means a new season of brain wracking to keep up with providing tasty, varied, economical and yet healthy lunchbox snacks. Eek! I rely on a few quick lunchbox recipe ideas to supplement my repertoire of other bits…

  • Tips & Bits

    7 Family Christmas Traditions

    As an adult, I still get caught up in all the magic at Christmas but the season really is made infinitely more special when there are small children around! I relish pouring over beautiful Christmas magazines full of gorgeous décor,…

  • Tips & Bits

    Ace Self-Catering With Kids

    As much as I relish the laziness and luxury of a hotel or a resort where you don’t lift a finger, the reality is that it’s often far more relaxing and fun to do self-catering with kids. Quite often a…

  • Procydin-wellness-antioxidants
    Tips & Bits

    How Antioxidants Help Your Family

    Hands up if your kid’s dinner plate resembles a rainbow of colourful nutrient rich veggies every single night? Oh and wait…on top of that they actually eat them all, and all the fruit you offer them? Hmmm, I thought not.…

  • Top Tips Flying With Kids
    Tips & Bits

    Tips For Flying With Kids

    The phrase “flying with kids” might well elicit a nervous giggle or possibly even a shiver of dread but really, it can be done! At the very least it can be tolerable. The secret lies in channelling your inner A-type…